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Empowering decisions for a safe path forward

myPlan Canada is a free app to help you with your safety and well-being if you have experienced abuse from current or past spouse, partner, boy/girlfriend. It’s private, secure, personalized, & backed by research.

It’s personalized for your situation

Everyone deserves to be safe in their partner relationship, and every situation is different. The myPlan Canada app can help you identify, navigate, and find supportive resources for a range of relationship abuse concerns that fit with your unique situation.

Women’s safety in women’s hands

Access myPlan from the privacy of a phone, tablet or computer, anytime that works for you. Work through some or all sections to get detailed information and tips or find quick resource links. Use it once or often – it’s up to you.

Endorsed by women from many backgrounds

Whether with their partner or separated, most women said that an earlier version of myPlan helped them understand their risks and options and make better decisions about reaching out for help.

95% of women said they would recommend it to other women

I found this very helpful because it was non-judgmental. Like there were no excuses, but it wasn’t attacking, it was just do it, go through it and then look at what you are left with, just look at it.

It was like somebody was there with me …. but it still allowed me to come to those decisions on my own. ... It was more powerful in the end than listening to someone say ‘well you know that’s really not love.

A tool for health and social service providers

myPlan Canada is a tool that women experiencing intimate partner violence can use to help them make decisions about their safety, health and well-being. Accessible through a discreet and confidential smartphone app (or web-based tool), myPlan Canada is designed with diverse women’s needs and concerns in mind – whether they are dealing with abuse on their own and looking for help or already accessing services. It’s not meant to replace the expertise of health and social service providers but can be used in conjunction with services.

Service providers can use myPlan Canada with women to:

Providers can introduce myPlan to women as a resource they can use on their own or walk through it (or parts of it) with women. Whether you support women in person or virtually, myPlan Canada can complement or extend the work you do!

How it Works

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Our Story

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